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Natural diet is extremely important for a healthy horse. Feed quality dry grass hay (not legumes or alfalfa) free choice. I know some people stager when I tell them free choice, but when a horse does not feel starved in between meals they donít devour the hay so fast.


As a general rule a horses needs to consume ten too twenty percent of itís weight in hay. Also when you start feeding free choice hay you will quickly see that it is important to give the horse other things to do and make it move.


This is where having a stimulating paddocking system comes into play. You must always keep in mind that in the wild, horses are driven by their physiological needs. There is always energy and movement involved when they feed or go to drink water.


Stay away from pellet concentrated grains and sweet feeds with a lot of sugar and other fillers. Only if necessary feed whole grain feeds such as oats, but not sweet oats. Provide a mineral and regular salt block so the horse can have free choice of the minerals it will need. Also have your hay analyzed so you know exactly what you are feeding them.


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