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Luke TannerLuke began riding horses when he met Merrilea in 2002. He started his first year riding a Trakehner taking many lessons in jumping and dressage. The next year continued with shows, more instruction and training with various instructors including Merrilea. The third year Luke went with Merrilea as a working student to train with Debbie Place at Peppergrass Farm, Dixmont, ME. There he worked with horses, jumping and in dressage. He also competed novice level in eventing. In January of 2005 he went with Merrilea to Portugal to train with Georges Malleroni.


In May of 2005, he graduated from the University of New Hampshire's Thompson School Of Applied Science with an associates degree in Equine Business Management. Luke also works with horses doing Natural Horsemanship and is also currently a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner with the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices. Luke is an instructor with Liberated Horsemanship, a natural horse care training association.


Luke's Hoof Care History


Luke started riding a Trakehner when he first met Merrilea. When Merrilea and Luke went to college they took their horses with them.  At the farm where they boarded their horses, the people did not put any shoes on their horses. That intrigued Luke.  He asked the owner concerning this and he told Luke about the Greek Calvary general Xenophon and how he and his army would go on incredible rides with no shoes on their horses.  He now had to know more about horses being barefoot and if it was even plausible.


His search began on the Internet. He sifted through many different sites and ideas. Sticking out all along the way was the name Jaime Jackson. He went to his site and bought his book Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care. After reading the book he pulled his horses' shoes and started a natural hoof care program with them right away. He was exited and exhilarated with the results. He soaked up the plethora of knowledge that had been poured into his book like a sponge. And also bought Pete Ramey's book Making Natural Hoof Care Work For You. With these two books Luke was able to successfully transition Merrilea's horse within six months.


The change they saw in Merrilea's mare was amazing. Her gait changed and became smoother, she no longer stocked-up, and they could ride her over the roughest, rockiest terrain with a sure-footedness they had never felt before. That summer Merrilea evented the mare and she exceeded all expectations.


Luke soon decided that he would like to make his career practicing natural hoof care. In July of 2004 he joined the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices and enrolled in their training and certification program. Since then Luke have completed his training and is now a practitioner with the AANHCP. Luke is an instructor with Liberated Horsemanship, a natural horse care training association. Luke and Merrilea currently live in Weare, NH with their three children.


Please feel free to contact Luke with any questions or for more information.

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