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Just as natural hoof care is important for a horse's health and well being, so is a natural life style that is closest to what they experience in the wild. This does not mean you need 200 acres of open land to achieve this. Simply provide the horse with an area that it is able to move around in with a shelter to go under. The key is that the horse is able to move. It will help to spread the horse's hay around and have the water in a separate area to help with movement. It is also important that the horse have firm-to-rocky variation of undulating ground to move around on with a soft area that it can lay or roll in. For those interested in an awesome paddocking system I would read Paddock Paradise by Jaime Jackson.


Horses should live with other horses in the same area. This is important for their social interaction and stimulation. It is not good for horses to be alone. When a horse is alone he can be stressed. This will cause a multitude of issues. In short when the horse is stressed it is in survival mode. This will shut down or suspend many of the horse’s normal needed bodily functions. Bruce Nock PhD has great information on horses behavior and stress.


It is always important to keep in mind how horses live in the wild. If possible one should try to emulate all aspects of the horse’s life in the wild for our domestic horses. Read The Natural Horse by Jaime Jackson to learn more.

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